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New Zealand volcano: Hopes of finding more survivors fade

The island has become too dangerous for rescue workers to continue their search.

Rare, incurable lung disease linked to e-cigarettes

This lung disease is normally only seen metal workers.

Second missing person found alive in Outback

“We’re all immensely pleased that he’s okay . . . if you believe in miracles"

Mugabe left behind $10m . . . and some houses

More than a dozen farms are publicly known to have been seized from both black and white farmers by the late strongman’s family

Clarkson gets a wake-up call

The former Top Gear host, who recently branded activist Greta Thunberg a “spoilt brat”, has been a longstanding critic of so-called “eco-mentalists”.

The ‘silent’ sounds of Greenland

“The silence and brutal force of the elements”

‘Village of idiots’ renamed

“It was shameful telling people outside I come from Unguwar Wawaye but now I can proudly say I come from Yalwar Kadana”

Cricketer Hughes praised five years after his death

“There hasn’t been a single day over these last five years when Phillip’s loss hasn’t been felt acutely by the Australian cricket family”

Firm gives back lost art

“This settlement with a private collection on the basis of a solution that is both amicable and equitable is exemplary”