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Iranian president accuses US of hypocrisy over sanctions against Tehran


Sanctions to target Iran's military and Revolutionary Guard Corps

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Picture: Iranian presidency via AP
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the United States on Wednesday of hypocrisy over Washington’s decision to introduce new sanctions against Tehran.
On Tuesday, the United States announced new sanctions targeting Iran’s military and Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) over Tehran’s ballistic missile program, with a total of 18 entities and individuals being on the sanctions’ list, including one Turkish and four Chinese companies acting as intermediaries. The sanctions were introduced the same day as the State Department re-certified Tehran’s compliance to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) known as the Iranian nuclear deal.
“One the one hand, they present an official report to the Congress saying that Iran is fully committed to its obligations, which urge [US] to respect the JCPOA provisions and prevent them from violating it. On the other hand, under various excuses they are trying to introduce new sanctions that contradict with the spirit, logic and provisions of the JCPOA and are not constructive. The United States as usually behave hypocritically and ambivalently,” Rouhani said, as quoted by the IRNA news agency.
The president pointed out that the United States tended to violate some of their commitments including those under the JCPOA, Paris Climate Agreement and recent accords with Cuba.
In July 2015, Iran, the European Union and the so-called P5+1 group of nations, comprised of the United States, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, signed the JCPOA, which implies the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran in exchange for assurances that Tehran’s nuclear program would remain peaceful.