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Arm-eating crocodile shot dead


The woman was attacked by the crocodile just before her wedding and had to have her arm amputated above her elbow.

Zanele Ndlovu and Jamie Fox hold hands on their wedding day at a hospital chapel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on Saturday.Picture: Associated Press

Rangers have shot dead the crocodile that ripped a bride-to-be’s arm when she was enjoying her self with her British fiancee in an inflatable boat on the Zambezi River, above Victoria Falls earlier this month. 

The bride, Zanele Ndlovu, was attacked by the crocodile and her arm above her elbow was amputated, but she was rescued by her husband to be, who put a tourniquet on the wound and she was then flown to hospital in Bulawayo. Five days later she married her fiancee, Jamie Fox, in the privately owned Mater Dei hospital in Bulawayo. 

According to Bulawayo’s Sunday News, National Parks and Wildlife Management  tracked down and then killed the crocodile according to public relations office Tinashe Farawo. 

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“…it had  tasted human blood…. it was bound to be a problem. We, however, as National Parks always encourage communities to stay away from wild animals, no matter how domesticated they are, they need to exercise extreme caution to avoid unnecessary conflict,” he said. 

Extraordinarily, wild life experts in the area told Independent Newspapers after this incident that inflatable boats have long been used by tourists in this part of the Zambezi River, even though it is teeming with crocodiles. 

The expert said so far as anyone can remember this was the first incident of this kind when a crocodile snapped at the boat, and when it began to sink it attacked Zanele Ndlovu in the water. 

Fox and his wife were planning to leave Zimbabwe to live in Fox’s home country, the UK. 

She was a well known tennis player in Zimbabwe, but was a left-handed player and it was her right arm which was amputated.