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10-year-old boy needs operation after dad sodomises him


In exchange for six books and some sweets, a little boy now needs surgery to remove his scrotum.

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A 10-year-old Kenyan schoolboy was allegedly sodomised by his father in exchange for six books and some sweets worth a few dollars. The boy is now in need of surgery to remove his scrotum.

The Daily Nation reported on Monday that the incident happened after the Standard Four pupil was sent home to get exercise books.

According to the mother, who is separated from the father, instead of going home the boy went to his father’s house to ask him to buy the books for him.

After the alleged incident, the boy’s father told the boy not to say anything, promising to give him some money if he remained quiet.

However, when the boy arrived home at his mother’s house in the evening he was crying and complaining of a stomach ache. His mother gave him painkillers and told him to go to sleep.

But the following morning as the boy walked to school in an unusual manner, accompanied by his older sister, he continued to cry.

The child eventually told a neighbour what had happened and he underwent a medical exam.

The traumatised boy was taken to a chemist before being transported to hospital.

Doctors stated they had to remove part of the boy’s reproductive system because it was septic. They also said the matter needed to be reported to police.

The father was subsequently arrested but has been released on bail while the mother has stated she doesn’t have enough money to cover the costs of the operation.

– African News Agency (ANA)