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Australia calls bushfires an ‘ecological disaster’ as koalas, wallabies endangered

Some estimates suggest as many as a billion animals, including livestock and domestic pets, have either died in the blazes or are at risk in their aftermath due to a lack of food and shelter.

PICS: Tens of thousands evacuated as Philippine volcano erupts

Officials estimated that at least 200 000 residents could be forced to flee if the eruption worsens.

Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian plane killing 176

Iran said on Saturday it had mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane killing all 176 aboard and voiced deep regret.

LOOK: Ukraine International Airlines plane crashes in Iran, killing all on...

It is believed the aeroplane was carrying at least 170 people when it crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran's main airport.

Man confesses to killing date and boiling his testicles to eat

Police found the man dead, naked and strung up by the ankles. His testicles had been cut off and cooked.

US Congress turns the screws on Trump after strike on Soleimani

Congress is calling on Trump to immediately declassify the administration's reasoning for the strike and that there was 'no legitimate justification' for keeping the information from the public.

Fireballs ‘like a hurricane’ bring death and destruction to Australia

"We tried really hard. We thought we’d had it beat but the big fireballs came and I said, 'come on kids, we got to go'."

‘Notre Dame is not saved yet’

The Paris landmark is not saved yet because there’s still a risk its vaulted ceilings might collapse.

Drunk driver kills tourists

A drunken driver plowed into a group of young German tourists in northern Italy on Sunday, killing six people and injuring 11 others, Italian authorities said.

Two anchors may have come from Cortes’ ships

Mexico has struggled with how to mark the 500th anniversary of the conquest, which resulted in the death of a large part of the country’s pre-Hispanic population