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Cricketer Hughes praised five years after his death

“There hasn’t been a single day over these last five years when Phillip’s loss hasn’t been felt acutely by the Australian cricket family”

Firm gives back lost art

“This settlement with a private collection on the basis of a solution that is both amicable and equitable is exemplary”

Protesters leave besieged campus

The female, who is over 18 and not a student at the university, has been given medical care and counselors are trying to coax her to surrender


“We are talking here of objects of immeasurable cultural value. It’s almost world cultural heritage. There is nowhere else a collection of jewellery in this form, quality and quantity.”

Puppet who attacked host on sale

“Whoever wants to buy it I wish them a very happy time together. I won’t be bidding. I really can’t afford it.”

A vote for democracy

“Any attempts to destroy Hong Kong or harm Hong Kong’s stability and development cannot possibly succeed”

Priceless items stolen from Green Vault

Value could be as much as R16 billion

Vegan men best lovers

A single meal can affect blood flow throughout the “entire body”.

UK cops ‘broke toilet while having sex in disaster zone’

The two were having sex on a hurricane rescue mission to the British Virgin Islands.

Patient killed by infected organ

It is believed it was as a result of negligence by the surgeon.