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Africa’s biggest city Lagos locks down to defend against coronavirus

People who could not afford to stockpile for the 14-day lockdown were left dependent on government relief packages.

Rare white rhino born in Kenya

White Rhinos are endangered animals nearing extinction, with only two known females in the world.

1 100 virus lockdown arrests in Malaysia

Notice given of further restrictions aimed at halting the spread of Covid-19

UN calls for $2.5 trillion rescue package for poorer countries

‘There are clear indications that things will get much worse for developing economies before they get better’

Spain’s hospitals at breaking point, US cities brace

'This outbreak goes along almost on a straight line, then a little acceleration, acceleration, then it goes way up'

Philippines grounds company’s aircraft after deadly fire

Twin-engine aircraft was on a medical evacuation mission when it caught fire

COVID-19: Global update

Job cuts keep coming, flight crews may become medical staff

Van Gogh painting stolen in museum raid

‘It is terrible for us all because art exists to be seen and shared by us, the community’

Zimbabwe, Lesotho begin three-week Covid-19 lockdown

Nigeria set to begin lockdown of its two main cities

Rwanda warns public against unapproved drugs for Covid-19

Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin were not yet approved for treating the virus. Pharmacies were requested to adhere to good dispensing practices.